About Me

 I must say, it is a very cool thing to be a smart girl, as opposed to some other, different kind. And I think that made a great deal of difference to me growing up and in my life afterward. (Elena Kagan)

I’m a simple person, at least I am once you figure me out. A cheerful young lady, vibrant and full of energy. I laugh a lot,make a lot of jokes…sometimes even really original ones. I’m open minded and thrive in floating outside the box.

I’m a go getter though often subtle about it, after all you would not really expect a smart girl to be showing her cards all over the place would you?I know what I want from life and will go after it stubbornly and without a single reservation.

I believe in God, a grounded Christian I am,and I particularly believe in the concept of purpose. How we are all created for a specific function that we ought to figure out during our stay on earth. I seek to find my purpose and pursue it, develop it where I can and exercise my God given talents and gifts on a day to day..

I am a modernised traditionalist, always working out a balance between the old and the new, culture and today’s norms. I believe in love, in marriage,in the basic way of life that has worked for my parents, their parents and everybody who came before me. Why change something that works????

I love food, good food!!I love SOCCER, they say its rare to find soccer chicks!!!But im one. A fervent and loyal resident of Old Trafford. My dad introduced me to the world of football. World’s Best Dad!!!I love art ,I love music. And I love life. Most of all I love honesty, and honest people, trust me that’s a rare specie I just mentioned here!

OH, and one other thing,they say im PRETTY…But I think what’s more attractive about me is how my mind works !!!Try figure me out!!!

So ,yes that’s me in a nutshell…and in my own view…I wonder what those who think they know me would have to say…mmmm


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